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Customized and Effective Combustion Systems in Royal Oak, MD

For over 40 years, our team at Automated Energy Systems, Inc. (AES) has worked with a wide range of companies to meet their needs for efficient energy controls and customized combustion systems in Royal Oak, MD. You can depend on our extensive knowledge and skills to develop innovative solutions for your power and heating requirements. Our reputation for unparalleled, superior craftsmanship is built on reliability and trustworthiness.

Solutions Designed for Your Particular Needs

Our engineers and designers work with you to create a customized system that improves gas flow and ensures proper system functionality. We provide leading-edge equipment and combustion controls for many different industries. Thanks to our partnerships with leading brands, we help you get the best products to set up a safe and affordable energy system.

We help you obtain parts to update your system and take care of the installation and testing. For most of our projects, we use Siemens combustion parts and the Eclipse boosting system, but we can design and source custom parts if needed.

Improving the Flow

Our gas booster solutions enhance line pressure in your energy system to improve the flow throughout your building. This is ideal for large power systems where pressure can drop in long gas lines. These boosting systems maintain pressure in older lines so that you do not have to face expensive line replacement costs.

At our automated energy system company, we help your operation run as efficiently as possible. In this way, costs are lowered and profits increased. Consult with us today for repairs, upgrades, or maintenance for your energy systems and combustion controls. With our experience and superior standards and products, we’ll help you overcome any system challenges.