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The Go-To Choice for Combustion Systems and Combustion Controls in Royal Oak, MD

When it comes to combustion controls in Royal Oak, MD, AES has you covered. Simply let us know what type of gas or oil-fired system you use, including the types of burners and valves, and we will find the perfect solution. Count on our automated energy system company to find the right parts or components to improve gas flow in your system, including igniters, valves, and gas burners. We also help our customers find combustion motors, primarily for gas and oil-burning systems.

We use Siemens combustion parts and the Eclipse boosting system. If we cannot find the appropriate parts for your system, we will design and manufacture equipment that works for you. When necessary, we'll follow up and sign off any required paperwork to ensure the system has been installed correctly. In most cases, however, work can be directed over the phone.

About Our Gas Booster Systems

Our gas booster systems are used in many structures in the Philadelphia and Baltimore areas, where the main gas lines do not carry enough pressure to send the gas through the lines. Using our gas booster system helps to avoid costly gas line replacement. Our systems are also used in conjunction with backup generators during power outages. We represent many manufacturing companies, and we will gladly work with you to find a system that matches your needs and budget.